The Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding


Welcome to the online hub for the Provincial guest speaker Programme.


Masonic Light is a programme of several short, educational and enlightening talks/presentations, Provided by Provincial Grand Lodge and delivered by our team, at your Regular lodge meetings.

Whether you are booking the first of our presentations 'Explaining The First Degree Ceremony',
for the benefit of new members, or one of our other presentations,
set in a different degree, you can be sure of an informative and entertaining event
at your meeting, all delivered by our expert guest speakers.

available presentations

'Explaining The First Degree Ceremony'

We explore signs & symbols in this degree

'Explaining The Second Degree Ceremony'

Further exploration into the Fellowcraft signs & symbols

'The Secrets of the Master Mason's Degree'

At last a Master Mason! and more signs & symbols to understand

'Basic Masonic Symbolism and the Six Tracing Boards'

A look at all six tracing boards and their meanings

'All the Working Tools of a Freemason'

The tools for the job explained

'Why Would You Want to Become a Freemason?'

A 15 Minute presentation, with a short Q & A session,
specially written for non Masons to enjoy. Perfect for 'gavel nights'


Masonic 'Light Nuggets' are our acclaimed collection of small
bytes of information.

You will find 'Light Nuggets' a fantastic
tool for creating short talks in your Lodge. as 'Nuggets' can be downloaded
and presented by one of your own Lodge members.

Useful for new members, just finding their feet presenting in front of
an audience, and for old seasoned pro's alike.

Use the request form to get your download details.

Click the button below for a full list of Masonic 'Light Nuggets'

Be sure to check back regularly for new & updated presentations.

The Area 1 Team

Area 1 covers Lodges in:

Baildon, Bingley, Bradford,
Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Haworth,
Heckmondwike, Keighley and Mirfield

The Area 1 Team is headed by Tim Brooksbank
assisted by:

Martin Hanson
(Baildon Assistant)

Mark Sheldon
(Bradford Assistant)

Adrian Collins
(Dewsbury/Cleckheaton/Mirfield/Heckmondwike Assistant)

Richard Emmott
(Keighley/Haworth/Bingley Assistant)

Simon Buckingham
(Secretary/Communications Assistant)

The Area 2 Team

The Area 3 Team

The Area 4 Team

The Area 5 Team

The Area 1 Dates

The Area 2 Dates

The Area 3 Dates

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